Our corporate partners not only create access to glasses for people in need, they also create access to health, education, work, and a better life. We offer a variety of Corporate Giving Programs that are adaptable to your company’s budget, structure, business activity, and Corporate Social Responsibility agenda.

Corporate Giving Programs

Cause Marketing: This is akin to a buy one, give one program. When a customer buys a product or service, corporations make a monetary donation to RestoringVision, which we then convert into a pair of glasses to a beneficiary.

Direct Corporate Gift: Cash contribution to support advancing our mission.

Employee Giving: Companies encourage their employees to donate a percentage of their earnings to support a cause.

Customer Giving: Companies ask customers to contribute to RestoringVision, and the company, in turn, matches their contribution.

In-kind Programs: Companies provide in-kind support, including donations of new eyeglasses and other services.

Each program offers levels of benefits as well as enhancements to engage your employees.

For an overview of available options, please review the RestoringVision for Retailers document. For other ways to support RestoringVision, click here.

Corporate Partners