In an effort to make your experience enjoyable and successful, we have prepared a set of tools that will provide you with information on how to dispense reading glasses. You do not need to be a medical professional. These are non-prescription glasses, and anyone can do it.

Also please keep in mind that even though some people may not be able to read, they will still benefit from the ability to see clearly. Below you will find tools that you can use with people who can and those who cannot read.

Please take a moment to review the resources we provide and learn how easy it is to positively change lives by giving the Gift of Sight.

Dispensing reading glasses is easy and enjoyable! 



Dispensing Tips Video in English and Spanish


In this 8 minute video you will learn:

1. How to effectively dispense reading glasses.
2. How to set up your own dispensary.
3. How to manage crowds in an efficient and effective way.

En este video de 8 minutos usted aprenderá:

1. Cómo dispensar anteojos eficientemente.
2. Cómo establecer su propio dispensario.
3. Cómo manejar grupos numerosos de personas de una forma eficaz y efectiva.


New Dispensing Manual

We have created a manual with the most useful tips that have helped our partners to successfully dispense reading glasses. To view and download this document, please click here. For the Spanish version, click here. We recommend that you print and bring this manual with you on your trip.


Power Testing Cards

These power testing cards will help you identify the correct power of reading glasses for each person you are assisting. To learn how to use these cards please watch the Dispensing Tips Video (above).

Please note that if through this process you determine that none of the powers are able to make the typed print clear for the client, then he or she may have other eye conditions that warrant a referral to an eye care professional.

Power Testing Card English
Power Testing Card English
Power Testing Card Spanish
Power Testing Card Spanish
Power Testing Card English For Non-Readers
Power Testing Card English For Non-Readers
Power Testing Card Spanish For Non-Readers
Power Testing Card Spanish For Non-Readers

Additional Tools

Below are additional tools that may be helpful for dispensing RestoringVision’s glasses. Click on the links to view and download each document.