Join us in welcoming Paul Case, who joined our team as Senior Director of Global Programs and Operations. Paul brings a wealth of experience from the optical nonprofit and for-profit sectors, as he previously served as Head of Programming at nonprofit OneSight, Regional Director of Operations at Luxottica, and more recently as Senior Talent Acquisition Partner at Walmart Health and Wellness.

What do you enjoy most about your work at RestoringVision thus far?

Paul: I enjoy working with RestoringVision’s network of more than 2500 partners around the world that are committed to ensuring that people living in under-served communities have access to clear vision! I also enjoy leading a team of passionate leaders that are committed to creating a measurable impact on eliminating the vision care crisis!

Why is this work important to you personally?

Paul: In my career, I have had the opportunity to travel to some of the most under-served communities around the world and have personally seen the impact that not being able to see clearly can have on the ability of someone to live a productive life. Imagine not being able to see while living in an impoverished community and having to earn a living to take care of your family. This is unacceptable to me and at RestoringVision, we are committed to creating equitable access to clear vision for all.

Who inspires you most in your life and why?

Paul: I am personally inspired by working with individuals who are passionate about the work they do, and who at the same time are able to strategically execute a plan that has a measurable impact. I have been fortunate to have worked with some of the top leaders in the eye health sector over the years, and this has not only helped me to become a better leader, but also a better human being!

What are you most looking forward to in your role at RestoringVision?

Paul: I am most looking forward to hearing from individuals we have helped and how being able to see clearly has improved the quality of their lives! Working in the non-profit sector can be very challenging at times. The workload can be very high and stressful, but what makes it rewarding is hearing a story from a beneficiary of clear vision!

What do you do in your free time when you’re not solving the global vision crisis?

Paul: In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family and my two Chihuahuas!  I also come from a very fitness-oriented family and enjoy bootcamp workouts, Crossfit, triathlons, hiking, and all sports! I am also a fan of motivational movies and classic 80’s movies!

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