Restoring Vision works to address the unmet need for reading glasses in low-income communities across the globe. Our primary focus is to serve those at the bottom of the base-of-the pyramid, people who do not have discretionary income. We have one of the most cost-effective models for getting eyeglasses onto the faces of people living in poverty across the globe. We work with a network of mission-aligned project partners who incorporate our eyeglasses into their existing health and humanitarian outreach programs. Our program components are as follows:

GOPGlobal Access Program: This program consists of projects with up to ten of our largest global health and humanitarian partners. These partners have extensive infrastructures and capabilities to reach millions of people annually. They incorporate our eyeglasses into their established humanitarian programs as a commitment to expanding eye care to those in need. The cost to implement this program is significantly higher, and therefore, RestoringVision uses philanthropic dollars to fully support this program. Over the next three years, our goal is to expand our investments in this program and projects, partnering with organizations that can distribute 250K-1M glasses annually, that are operating in regions or focus areas prioritized by RestoringVision, and that have or are building reporting capabilities.
COPCommunity Outreach Program: This program comprises 2,300 small and medium-sized nonprofit organizations that incorporate eyeglasses dispensing projects into their already planned mission trips and reach people in some of the most remote areas around the world. These organizations pay a nominal fee for our eyeglasses, which covers a portion of our sorting, packing, shipping, vetting, and monitoring expenses. The health and economic impact of COVID-19 on our
Community Outreach Program has been significant. Over the next three years, we seek to rebuild this program and engage in new partnerships with social enterprise nonprofit organizations that can deliver glasses to large numbers of farmers and entrepreneurs through cost-neutral projects.

Thank you to our over 2,300 project partners, including:

Food For The Poor
Unite For Sight
Map International
MSH Peru
e3 Partners