Clear Vision – The gift we take for granted. is a non-profit which sources New Reading Glasses and Sunglasses (only) and supplies them at a nominal charge to two distinct groups; groups going on missions to developing countries and domestic groups serving the underprivileged. Since our inception in late 2003, we have supplied over 2,000,000 glasses to people in 75 countries around the world and have worked with over 750 different mission groups.

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About Us

We supply new reading glasses and sunglasses to people in Developing Countries. We supply these glasses with the aid of groups traveling to DCs. Adding these glasses to ANY type of travel is easy and very gratifying.

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About RestoringVision

We want to become helping hand to all charitable groups and individuals who organize missions to help the needy people of the world.

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Help Us

You can most help us by helping others to discover what we offer. We are always looking for more groups to support. Take our glasses and tell others of your experiences. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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Our Products

RestoringVision provides new reading glasses of power range from 1.00 to 3.00 at a nominal price. We bundle the glasses in of 25 pair bags for each power so you can specify the power you want.

RestoringVision also provides sunglasses for your mission at very good price. The sunglasses are new with built-in UV protection and have no power in the lenses (plano).

RestoringVision is also offering special discount of sunglasses when you purchase 300 pairs of reading glasses at our regular price. In this bundle you will get 400 readers and 300 sunglasses for just $275.00.

What People are Saying About Us

  • I thank God for your wonderful work for mankind. My reading glasses were not adapted to my present eye situation like these new glasses. My vision has improved greatly as I read very tiny letters with ease now. May God bless you and replenish your treasury.
  • I am a school teacher and for quite sometime now I have been straining to write and read from the board, prepare my lesson notes, check children’s written work etc. With this pair of glasses I will do my job even better. God bless you all.
    Eveline Chefor
  • I am blessed with these lenses for reading much smaller prints of the Bible for research work in Evangelism. Before then I had much problems straining to research on material for outreach. God bless everyone who in any form contributed to making them available at our level here in Cameroon.
    Evangelist Ayafor Peter ChefoFree-Lance Evangelist