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Our ambassadors elevate and amplify our mission by sharing their support of RestoringVision on social media and engaging in fundraising activities.

Raise awareness.

RestoringVision Ambassadors play a critical role in helping to solve the vision crisis. They are active across a number of activities including advocacy, fundraising, and volunteer support. They help to amplify our message and cause, raising awareness about the vision crisis and our collective progress towards a world where everyone who needs glasses has them. By fundraising to help advance our mission, they help to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals, alleviate poverty, increase opportunities for education and work, and create a more equitable world. We can’t do this alone and we need your help today.

Here’s how our ambassadors make a difference

Donate loud and proud

Our Ambassadors make monthly recurring donations to RestoringVision and inspire others to donate by sharing their support with their networks and on social media.

Build communities

Our Ambassadors amplify our work and impact by sharing our newsletters, writing a blog about us, and sharing information about our work on social media.

Fundraise with purpose

RestoringVision Ambassadors help us fundraise during our annual two days of service: World Sight Day (October) and GivingTuesday (end of November).

Connect the dots

Introduce us to companies, foundations, and individuals who can help advance our mission.

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Collaborative marketing

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In a world where over 1 billion people have vision impairments correctable with glasses, yet do not have them, and 81% of these vision impairments could be corrected with reading glasses, RestoringVision is fiercely committed to solving this issue. We are creating a roadmap to the solution: increased, sustainable access to vision care and eyeglasses for people living in poverty worldwide, which advances the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #1: Ending Poverty in All its Forms.

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