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Whether you’re an NGO or a government agency, large or small, we’re ready to partner with you to bring vision programs and glasses delivery to people living on less than $2 a day.

Our programs in action.

Our vision programs transform lives and advance global health, education, and economic development. Investing in universal eye health is critical to unlocking human potential, advancing Sustainable Development Goals, and improving the world economy.

Our Programs

Our program focus.

90% of our vision programs focus on addressing presbyopia through the provision of vision screenings and reading glasses. We also address myopia through the provision of eye exams and minus glasses (5%) and provide sunglasses to protect and prevent against the onset of eye diseases (5%). We provide the training and technical assistance needed to implement our vision programs.

Global Access Program

RestoringVision’s Global Access Program is our largest program currently reaching over 3 million people a year, with a growth trajectory poised to reach 10 million people.

Scaled impact.

Our Global Access Program is implemented in collaboration with leading global health and humanitarian NGOs and governments in low- and middle-income countries. Projects are large-scale and vary in focus and structure. Some programs are embedded into existing health schemes and implemented as part of ongoing clinics or health fairs, pop-up vision camps and mobile clinics. Other programs provide comprehensive eye care services led by optometrists and ophthalmologists.

Sustainable programming.

Our Global Access Program spans several continents with our largest markets being Latin America, Africa, and SE Asia. Aligned with our strategic plan, RestoringVision is expanding and deepening our programmatic footprint in these markets and creating sustainable channels by building local partnerships and collaborating with governments. In our commitment to serving the most vulnerable individuals, we are also continuing to expand our reach to refugees, displaced populations, and those living in disaster and conflict zones.

2024 Goals


4.745 Million





Meet Some Of Our Global Access Partners

Community Outreach Program

RestoringVision’s Community Outreach Program reaches over 500,000 people a year, with a growth trajectory poised to reach 1 million people.

Maximize mission trips.​

Our Community Outreach Program is implemented in collaboration with small and medium size nonprofits, primarily based in the United States who conduct outreach and medical mission trips to less developed countries. These projects typically serve smaller communities and reach people in some of the most remote and rural areas of the world.

Reaching the unreached.

Our Community Outreach Program enables us to reach more people and communities in disparate parts of the world and provide a highly valuable service to our nonprofit partners who want to incorporate vision programs into their work. Most importantly, it allows us to provide life-changing vision services and glasses to people in some of the world’s hardest to reach places who would otherwise lack access.

2024 Goals







We provide training and technical assistance.

RestoringVision provides training, technical assistance, and resources for Program Partners to seamlessly implement vision programs into the work they do around the globe. 

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