Their vision is our mission.

Over 1 billion people have a vision impairment that could have been prevented or is yet to be addressed. 81% or 826 million people suffer from vision impairment due to presbyopia – a common condition that can be easily corrected with a pair of reading glasses. 90% live in impoverished communities without access to vision care. That’s where we come in – and we won’t stop until everyone in the world can see clearly.

A global crisis.

Over 90% of people with uncorrected vision loss live in low-and middle-income countries with limited access to vision services. The lack of access to vision screenings, lack of channels for eyeglass distribution, and the inability for people to pay are significant barriers. For these individuals – a pair of glasses – a solution that has been around for 700 years – restores sight immediately and improves lives.

Our network at work.

Our unparalleled network of 3,000 NGOs and government agencies, along with our corporate and foundation donors who provide financial support, and the world’s largest optical companies who partner with us to ensure we have quality glasses add up to an all hands on deck approach for advancing our mission of solving the global vision crisis.

A solution is in sight.

Despite being one of the biggest global health problems of our time, impaired vision is one of the most solvable. RestoringVision is able to reach a beneficiary for less than $2. If we were only able to reach everyone who needed us today, we could solve this problem at a cost of $1.6 billion.

Restoring someone’s sight is the single most cost-effective health intervention to reduce poverty.

World Health Organization


Clear vision changes everything.

Our work and vision interventions are at the intersection of global health, education, and economic development. Today, we reach 4 million people a year with our vision and glasses delivery programs and transform lives with clear vision. We are committed to a future where everyone who needs glasses has them.

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Investing in universal eye health is a realistic, cost-effective way of unlocking human potential, improving health and wellbeing, education and the world economy.

Having these reading glasses has helped me a lot, to be honest. Because now, everything is better. I can sew faster, my sewing lines look much better, I feel very excited and happy!


Seamstress, Guatemala City

Together, a brighter future is in sight.

We invite you to help solve one of the biggest global health problems of our time. Your support will have an immediate, life-changing impact for people living in poverty. Now is the time to make their vision a reality.

We invite foundations, corporations, impact investors, and individuals seeking to maximize their philanthropic giving to partner with us today.

We invite NGOs and government agencies to partner with us to incorporate vision services and glasses delivery into their programming.

Our ambassadors elevate and amplify our mission by sharing their support on social media and engaging in fundraising activities.