Eyes on impact

Improved health, opportunities for education, and sustained livelihoods.

Restoring someone’s sight is the single most cost-effective health intervention to reduce poverty.

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See the difference.

The provision of eyeglasses is one of the most impactful and cost-effective health interventions on the planet. A landmark study, Investing in Vision, shows that $4 of economic gain can be made for every $1 spent on eye health care in developing countries.

Sustain livelihoods.

Another recent study published by Lancet Global Health revealed that when an adult receives corrective eyeglasses, their productivity increases by up to 32% and their income by up to 20%. For an individual earning $2 per day, this equates to an increase in earning potential of $140 annually at the household level.

Evidence of impact.

In 2022, through RestoringVision’s programs, 3,109,077 adults received vision-correcting eyeglasses, which correlates to an additional $435,270,780 in earning potential at the household level. In collaboration with our philanthropic partners, we are scaling our work and increasing our impact.

Advancing Sustainable Development Goals.

RestoringVision’s programs advance eight of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Glasses – they’re a blessing in my life because I was not able to see clearly, my eyes were starting to get watery – but now I have that ability back and I feel good. I have been able to do my job well, and more than anything, I feel like the Lord put angels in my path.


Craftmaker, Guatemala City

I use the reading glasses to read and to work. They have a been a great help. It’s like having good vision again, like having young eyes again. I am sincerely grateful for the donation that RestoringVision made to us.


Electrician, Guatemala City

For me, the glasses are very important. Me without glasses – nothing. I can’t do anything. Now, I can’t be without glasses. These glasses have been a blessing for me, thanks to God.


Cook, Guatemala

Harsh exposure to the elements in my line of work worsened my vision over the years. My glasses have improved my vision and my daily life.


Sugar Cane Famer, Dominican Republic

I was not able to thread the machine, because it was hard. But I received the glasses, and that has helped me a lot, because with these glasses, I can sew. I feel very happy because now with these glasses, I can see more. I can sew more.


Seamstress, Guatemala

Having these reading glasses has helped me a lot, to be honest. Because now, everything is better. I can sew faster, my sewing lines look much better, I feel very excited and happy!


Seamstress, Guatemala City

I used to work as a construction laborer. I was able to work and provide for my family. But I had a terrible accident and lost my leg. Today, I am weaving, reading, embroidering, but it was a bit difficult to take measurements because I could not see clearly. I received the reading glasses and now I can see, read, weave. I help my little girl a lot with schoolwork. I’m doing everything with my reading glasses. And here I am! I’ve got my glasses on!


Mat Maker, Guatemala City

My life was very, if I can say this, sad because I was not able to clean my bean crop because I couldn’t see. But now with these glasses, I can see well. They help me to see and see things big. Before I received these glasses, I used to use my wife’s glasses. But I couldn’t work – and she couldn’t work, either, because one pair for both of us didn’t work. But now with my pair and her pair, everything is easier. These glasses have changed our lives so much.


Farmer, Guatemala

I’ve struggled to read without eyewear for years. Now I can finally read again.


Farmer, Tanzania

Now I can finally clearly see the billing sheets for my car repair business!


Business Owner, Mexico

I no longer struggle to read.


Nurse, Tanzania

I’ve been struggling to read my Bible for years, but now I’m happy I can read well with my new reading eyeglasses.


Pastor, Tanzania

2022 Annual Report

In 2022, RestoringVision accelerated its growth on all fronts while simultaneously making a bold commitment: to solve the global vision crisis.

RestoringVision exceeded its pre-COVID impact and made many advances in establishing the organization as the leader in solving the global vision crisis by growing partnerships at all levels. As a result, we had an outstanding year of impact, reaching 3,398,112 individuals living on less than $2 a day with the vision services and eyeglasses they need to see clearly.