Corporate Sponsors not only create access to reading glasses and sunglasses for people in need, they also create access to health, education, work, and a better life. There are a number of ways companies can become involved and easily make an impact. We have created a variety of Corporate Sponsorship Programs that are adaptable to a company’s budget, structure, business activity, and Corporate Social Responsibility agenda.



Corporate Sponsorship Programs

DSCF0669Direct Giving Program: 
Make a Cash Donation to Sponsor Glasses. RestoringVision will convert your donation into glasses distributed to qualified clinics.

One For One Program: Promote a direct connection between a sale of a unit of your product with a donation of a pair of glasses to someone in need. When a customer buys a product, you make a monetary donation to RestoringVision, which we then convert into a pair of glasses.

In-Kind Program: RestoringVision makes it easy for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to donate excess inventory. We accept new reading glasses and sunglasses.

With each program, we offer levels of sponsorship benefits plus enhancements to engage your employees. 

Thank You to Our 2017 Sponsors for Their Support!