Our Founder’s Story

RestoringVision was born out of a need and desire to help. In 1994, when I was working as a Marketing Director in the optical industry I was invited by LensCrafters to join their corporate social responsibility program on a trip to Albania. A year later we went to Mexico. On these trips, optometrists performed eye […]

Fulbright and RestoringVision Team Up to Distribute Glasses

EnvisiontheWorld press release4.11.14 The Fulbright Association has partnered with RestoringVision to help distribute reading glasses to developing countries. Using the Fulbright alumni network, glasses will be made available to clinics and NGOs in developing countries worldwide. Envision the World video

Partner Profile: Eyes On Africa

Eyes on Africa Press Release final Eyes on Africa has been supplying glasses since 2005. They work with NGOs, Peace Corps and others to get glasses to those who need them the most in many African countries. Read more on this link.

10th year anniversary

2 million strong in reader and sunglass donations for RestoringVision! In partnership with over 750 humanitarian groups in over 75 countries, RestoringVision changes lives! This month, RestoringVision.org, a small nonprofit based in San Rafael, CA. will celebrate their 10th year anniversary and the charitable distribution of 2 million pairs of reading glasses and sunglasses in […]

WHO Study of the Global Cost of Uncorrected Refractive Error

WHO-study This study examines the productivity increase versus the cost of correcting refractive error around the world. Sponsored by the World Health Organization, it shows the dramatic gains in productivity that would be achieved if more people had access to vision correction.

One Man Had a Vision – and Now One Million Unprivileged People Can See Better for it

SAN FRANCISCO, May 3 /PRNewswire/ — By day, Mark Sachs is a product manager for Blue Shield of California, where he helpsCalifornia policyholders get the support they need to protect their health. By night, Sachs is a virtual one-man healthcare machine, seeing to it that poverty-stricken people around the world get the much-needed vision correction […]