Corporate Partners

We align with corporations on messaging and help brands maximize the impact of their philanthropic giving.

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RestoringVision is passionate about the intersection of corporations and social impact. We like to bring our cause to the forefront of companies and brands that, in turn, play a critical role in helping us solve the global vision crisis that affects 2.5B people worldwide. Corporations not only help us serve our beneficiaries by providing philanthropy, but they also help elevate awareness of the global vision crisis, accelerate our impact, and support our ability to create sustainable access to vision services and glasses.

We offer corporations an unparalleled way to impact lives through clear vision and elevate their brand(s). We invite companies to partner with us in a variety of ways, including those looking to incorporate philanthropy into their business and those advancing existing CSR programs. Corporations may mix and match any of our offerings, including One for One, Consumer Giving, Direct Giving programs, and more.

Corporate Giving Programs

One for One

This program is built on the Buy-a-Pair, Give-a-Pair model. Each time a customer buys a product or service, the corporation allocates a corresponding monetary donation (~$1.00). Cause marketing gifts are disbursed monthly or quarterly.

Consumer Giving

This program is corporate-led. At the point-of-sale or checkout in-store or online, corporations offer their customers the opportunity to donate to our cause. [These gifts are disbursed monthly or quarterly.

Direct Gifts

This program is a direct cash contribution that corporations commit annually to RestoringVision. These gifts may be multi-year, and they are disbursed annually or at various points in the year.

Employee Giving

This program is company-led. Corporations set up an internal giving system that allows and encourages employees to donate part of their weekly pay to support our cause.

In-Kind Gifts

Through this program, we accept new glasses and sunglasses from optical companies that have unused or excess stock. These donations are used to support our program delivery models.