Jul-Aug Newsletter – Reflecting on 16 Years of Service

Dear Partners and Friends,

Sixteen years ago, RestoringVision was born out of a need and desire to help. One man’s observation. One man’s commitment to do something about it. It was during an outreach trip to Mexico that our Founder and Chairman Mark Sachs saw the tremendous need for reading glasses. He witnessed people traveling 10, 20, even 30 miles, sleeping overnight just to be able to attend the eye clinic when it opened the next morning. These were people living with and suffering from vision impairment, with no access to glasses. More than half of the people, who visited the clinic, simply needed a pair of non-prescription reading glasses – glasses that were readily available in the United States but nearly impossible to find in impoverished communities. Seeing this incredible need, Mark was determined to make a difference.

Mark’s desire to help led to the creation of our unique organization and model. By building a network of glasses manufacturers, charitable organizations, and socially conscious corporations and people, we have been able to restore and protect vision for more than 15 million people in 130 countries. From helping only 2,000 people in our first year in 2003 to helping over 3 million people a year today, we’re very proud of what we have accomplished with you, our partners on this incredible journey! As always, thank YOU for what you do and a big Happy Anniversary to all of us!

Best regards,
Pelin Munis, Ph.D.
Executive Director, RestoringVision


RestoringVision Celebrates our 16-Year Anniversary

On October 2, RestoringVision turns 16. Since our inception, we’ve transformed more than 15 million lives through the gift of sight. We are proud to have become the largest provider of new glasses to people living in impoverished communities and are fiercely committed to doing good with integrity. Your support brought us to this milestone, and we couldn’t be more grateful

This year for the first time, we’re kicking off our year-end giving campaign on our anniversary! We invite you to celebrate all that you’ve made possible and make a bigger commitment to do more this year.

Show your support with a charitable contribution.
This year, we have a gap in our fundraising goal and therefore, your donations are more important than ever. Every dollar raised helps provide the gift of sight to a person in need. Your donations can help a mother or father providing for their family, a midwife delivering babies for the community, a farmer who is sorting beans, and so many more individuals who rely on their vision.

Order glasses for your upcoming mission trips.
Adding glasses to your outreach projects is an easy, affordable way to transform lives and enhance your programs. With their vision corrected and protected, the people you serve will be able to work, study, care for their families, and so much more. If you don’t have any mission trips coming up, now is the perfect time to donate and refer us to other organizations.

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