May – Jun Newsletter: Now More Than Ever, Bring Hope Into Focus

Dear Partners and Friends of RestoringVision,

Together, we continue to navigate these unprecedented times. In these moments, we have the opportunity to define more clearly who we are and who we aspire to be. At RestoringVision, we look to our values to guide us: Doing good with integrity, being fiercely committed, and enhancing the lives of everyone involved. We stand to serve all because we serve humanity. Of this, I’m incredibly proud, today more than ever.

For millions of people, there are insurmountable barriers to seeing clearly that are further compounded by the events of the world today. The lack of access to glasses due to undeveloped or failed markets and poverty are the two most important barriers. Our partners break those barriers each time they bring glasses into a community where glasses are not available or affordable for those without discretionary income. For many communities in many countries, this is the stark reality.

This is why the work we do together is so critical. Thank you for making our cause part of your life’s mission and for continuing to take glasses to the field and donating to help advance our mission. Every dollar contributed, every pair of glasses provided to a person in need makes a difference, now more than ever.

Best regards,
Pelin Munis, Ph.D.
Executive Director, RestoringVision


This photo was taken prior to COVID-19

RestoringVision Launches Initiative to Support the Ultra-Poor in Bangladesh

RestoringVision is thrilled to share that together with the Dr. K. Zaman BNSB Hospital, we launched the Red Card Holder initiative on June 1 to provide new reading glasses to the ultra-poor in the district of Sherpur, Bangladesh. This initiative is part of the Clear Vision Collective (CVC), an innovative network comprised of ten eye care organizations, including RestoringVision, as wel as the Bangladeshi Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The CVC’s goal is to provide new glasses and vision care to the residents of the district of Sherpur. It is expected that over 80% of the people receiving the glasses will be getting their first-ever pair.


One Hope: Restoring Vision

Due to the impact of COVID-19, funding of RestoringVision’s projects is more critical than ever. Our largest global health and humanitarian nonprofit partners work aggressively to provide much-needed supplies and services to the communities they serve. Their requests for glasses have grown during these challenging times. With growing rates of poverty and the vital role that glasses serve in maintaining a safe, productive life, providing clear vision is more important now than ever. These projects depend on funding from generous donors like yourselves. Therefore, we invite you to help make an impact on the lives of the most vulnerable and make a gift today.

Other Ways to Bring Hope Into Focus

Here are other ways you can support RestoringVision and bring hope into focus for the most vulnerable, now when the ability to see clearly is more critical than ever:

  • Order a RestoringVision t-shirt here – NEW!
  • Create your very own fundraiser on Facebook.
  • Explore the many other ways you can give the important gift of sight during this health and economic crisis here.


Giving the Gift of Sight in Your Own Backyard

As the COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound impact on Americans, RestoringVision would like to invite our service delivery partners to support the most vulnerable in your local communities by providing them with clear vision. With our new distribution resources for safely dispensing glasses while social distancing, you can make an immediate and significant difference in the lives of people living in the US in disadvantaged conditions that are compounded by the pandemic. Order glasses today here.

We Now Ship Worldwide

Clear vision is needed now more than ever! At RestoringVision, we’re committed to doing everything we can to support the work of our service delivery partners and the people that you serve. That’s why we are now offering international shipping for those of you who want to support the critical work of your in-country partners. Contact us to learn more or place your order.


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