Press Release: Celebrating 15 Impactful Years

RestoringVision Celebrates 15 Years of Transforming the Lives of People in Need Through the Gift of Sight 

SAN RAFAEL, CALIFORNIA: RestoringVision, an optical 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing new reading glasses to people in need around the world, celebrates its 15-year anniversary on October 2. Through their extensive network of non-profit partners, corporate sponsors, individual donors and supporters, RestoringVision has brought the gift of sight to over 12 million people living in impoverished communities in 135 countries.  

The organization was founded by Mark Sachs, a former Marketing Director in the optical industry, in 2003. Mark was inspired to start RestoringVision after a life changing trip to Mexico, where he saw the need for reading glasses first hand. Mark stated, “I’m humbled and extremely pleased to see RestoringVision celebrate 15 years of service to people in developing countries. The work of our partners in the field and our dedicated team members, along with the generous contributions from our donors and sponsors, have helped us reach this milestone. I’m not surprised we made it to 15 years, but the scale of the impact we have had is amazing! 

As RestoringVision celebrates its past, it also looks to the future. The organization has set a goal to help 20 million see clearly by the end of 2020. “As we celebrate this milestone anniversary, we also look towards a bright future for RestoringVision,” said Pelin Munis, Executive Director. “We are thrilled that our cause to bring clear vision to people living in impoverished communities is gaining much needed attention and traction. Every day, more and more optical industry companies, colleagues, and individual supporters are stepping forward to help make this happen. I’m confident that together we will reach our goal and help many more millions of people in need.” 

The lack of access to available, affordable reading glasses in developing countries is one of the biggest global health problems, affecting over 500 million people around the world. After 15 years of giving the gift of sight, RestoringVision is committed more than ever to its mission of empowering lives by restoring vision for millions in need. To see a video of their impact, click here 

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