Press Release: Impacting 20 Million Lives by 2020

RestoringVision announces a new goal to restore sight to 20 million people by the end of 2020

SAN RAFAEL, Calif.(May 30) —RestoringVision, an optical non-profit organization dedicated to providing new reading glasses and sunglasses to people in need around the world, has set a goal to help 20 million people by the end of 2020.

Since 2003, RestoringVision has been focusing its efforts on creating access to glasses for those earning less than $2 a day. To date, the organization has helped over 7 million people, and it is now raising the bar to impact 13 million more lives over the next four years.

“I’m very excited about our organization’s commitment to helping 20 million people by 2020,” said RestoringVision Founder Mark Sachs. “The need for glasses and the lack of access to them in disadvantaged communities is a problem that affects over 500 million individuals living with near vision impairment. Near vision impairment impacts their ability to work, learn, cook, and carry out daily tasks.”

Over the last two years, RestoringVision has built a capacity to distribute 5 million glasses per year. “With our strategic partnerships and distribution capacity in place, we are in a unique position to make a difference,” said Pelin Munis, Executive Director. “To achieve this goal, we are looking to strengthen existing partnerships and develop new ones.”

The lack of access to available, affordable reading glasses in developing countries is one of the biggest global health problems affecting 1 in 7 people. In addition to the support of its 1,400 partners, RestoringVision is looking to raise awareness about the problem and get more people and organizations involved. “We are inviting everyone to join us and make this goal their goal. Charitable organizations and groups, corporations and individuals. Anyone can help,” said Mark Sachs.

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Watch this 3-minute video to see the work that RestoringVision does and the impact that it has on people’s lives.