Press Release: New Board Chair Announcement

RestoringVision Announces the Appointment of David Chute as Chairman of the Board

After 16 years of service, Mark Sachs, RestoringVision Founder, hands over the role and is appointed Chairman Emeritus

San Rafael, CA (April 20, 2020): RestoringVision, the largest global nonprofit provider of new reading glasses to people living in impoverished communities around the world, today announced the appointment of David Chute as Chairman of its Board of Directors. Chute, who joined the RestoringVision board in 2007, succeeds Mark Sachs, RestoringVision Founder and Chairman Emeritus, who served as Chairman since the inception of the organization in 2003.

“It has been a great honor to have served as Chairman of the RestoringVision Board of Directors,” said Sachs. “I am incredibly proud of our accomplishments over the past decade and a half. We have helped over 16 million people access new glasses in 130 countries through our network of more than 1,800 US-based nonprofits and international NGO partners. We’ve built one of the lowest cost, most efficient organizations in the world. I am confident in our future and in David’s leadership as we continue to grow and expand our impact.”

David Chute has over 34 years of optical industry experience. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of ThinOptics, a global omni-channel eyewear company; and the President of i2C Ventures, a company he founded in 2003 that consults, commercializes, and invests in early-stage proprietary companies in the eyewear industry. “I am deeply honored to have been appointed as the Chairman of the RestoringVision Board of Directors,” said Chute. “RestoringVision is uniquely qualified to help tens of millions of people see clearly in the most efficient manner possible. I look forward to leveraging our strategic network of companies, foundations, international not-for-profits, and mission groups who – along with our team – are all united in the desire to restore clear vision to people in need around the world. I also look forward to working closely with Mark Sachs, our inspirational Founder; Pelin Munis, our dedicated and passionate Executive Director, as well as our experienced and dedicated Board of Directors.”

“This is a significant moment in the history of our organization. I’m deeply grateful to Mark for his vision, dedication, and passion which led to the creation of one of the most impactful nonprofits on the planet,” said Pelin Munis, Executive Director. “Equally, I am excited for what the future holds under David’s leadership. David brings a wealth of nonprofit and for-profit success and strategic vision to our organization, which will be critical to our ability to scale and meet the growing demand for glasses in the developing world.”

About RestoringVision
One-third of the global population, 2.5 billion people, suffer from vision impairment and its consequences. Of those, 500 million people only need reading glasses to restore their vision but live in impoverished communities with no access to available, affordable glasses. This is one of the biggest global health issues of our time, impacting people’s productivity, health, safety, education, and quality of life. RestoringVision is dedicated to solving this problem by providing new, high-quality reading glasses to people in need around the world. Since 2003, RestoringVision has helped over 16 million people see clearly in more than 130 countries, and it continues to impact millions of lives each year. This year, the Year of Vision, RestoringVision has a goal of reaching 20 million people helped by the end of 2020. To learn more and contribute, please visit