Press Release: RestoringVision Receives Shelter Hill Foundation Grant

RestoringVision Receives Shelter Hill Foundation Grant to Help 250,000 People See Clearly

SAN RAFAEL, CALIFORNIA: RestoringVision, an optical 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing new reading glasses to people in need around the world, is pleased to announce they have received a grant from the Shelter Hill Foundation.

This generous grant, made possible by Shelter Hill Foundation founders, Paul and Betsy Shiverick, will allow RestoringVision to address the global health crisis of uncorrected vision impairment in impoverished communities around the world. Over 500 million people around the world only need a simple pair of reading glasses to see clearly, but lack access to glasses. Without clear vision, they cannot effectively work, learn, care for their families, or be productive members of their communities. RestoringVision is dedicated to helping these people by providing them the gift of sight.

New support from the Shelter Hill Foundation will boost RestoringVision’s capacity to partner with other non-profit organizations to reach 250,000 people living in remote areas in developing countries where glasses are not available.

“We are pleased to support the good work of RestoringVision so that those with impaired vision can finally gain the valuable personal and economic independence that comes with a new pair of glasses.” – Paul Shiverick, Trustee, Shelter Hill Foundation

This gift from the Shelter Hill Foundation is particularly significant as it marks the first time the Shelter Hill Foundation has committed to solving vision impairment, and the first time RestoringVision has received a grant from an institution outside of the optical industry.

“This critical support from the Shelter Hill Foundation will make a substantial and immediate impact by transforming 250,000 lives through the gift of sight. Vision impairment is an urgent issue that can only be addressed through cross-sector partnerships like this.”  – Pelin Munis, Ph.D., Executive Director, RestoringVision

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About RestoringVision
RestoringVision is a non-profit organization dedicated to distributing new glasses to charitable organizations serving impoverished people around the world. Since 2003, RestoringVision has partnered with more than 1,400 organizations and helped over 12 million people in 135 countries.

About Shelter Hill Foundation
The Shelter Hill Foundation was founded in 2005 by Paul and Betsy Shiverick. The foundation supports a range of causes including health initiatives and educational programs throughout the nation.