Visibly and RestoringVision Partner to Solve Global Vision Crisis + Raise Awareness During Healthy Vision Month

Visibly and RestoringVision are thrilled to partner this year for the CDC’s Healthy Vision Month, recognized annually in May! Together, our organizations are determined to mobilize more people and companies to address the vision crisis affecting over 1 billion people across the globe. It is a global problem with a straightforward solution: providing access to vision screenings and glasses. Healthy vision and clear sight change lives and communities by increasing productivity, restoring dignity and respect, empowering economies, and so much more.

Visibly and RestoringVision first partnered together in the fall of 2021, working with NewGlobe to provide over 5,000 low-income people in Nigeria with free vision tests and prescription glasses. We also partnered later on, in December of 2021, to lead a giving back campaign focused on enabling people around the world to access vision screenings and reading glasses. Free of charge, 3,700 people received the vision correction glasses they needed through this campaign.

This year, we are building upon our partnership with a lineup of exciting campaigns for 2022. Our mutual goal is to bring greater awareness to the global vision crisis and bring new vision champions into our network of supporters.

Throughout Healthy Vision Month, we will collaborate to amplify the need for healthy vision for everyone worldwide. During this month, we will also ask our current vision champions to continue to support our cause and invite new ones into our network to change lives by giving the gift of sight!

July 23rd marks the one-year anniversary of the United Nations resolution Vision for Everyone: accelerating action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. We will celebrate this historic day with a call to action to ensure everyone has access to the vision care and glasses they need. On November 29th, Giving Tuesday, we will partner again as we did last year to close out 2022. Beginning on that day through December 31st, we will leverage the generosity of everyone across the globe to ensure RestoringVision meets or exceeds its goal of getting 3.3 million people living in poverty the vision programs and glasses they need to gain clear vision. Every dollar makes a difference! Give today.

About Visibly: Visibly, a Chicago-based healthcare technology company founded in 2012, creates digital eye care technologies that enable patient choice and convenience while providing doctors the ability to create awesome user experiences. Visibly was founded with the belief that glasses and contact lens prescriptions should be accessible and affordable to everyone. Online vision testing is just the start; Visibly envisions a world where technology enables patients and doctors to connect easily to make all aspects of vision care convenient and accessible for all. Currently, Visibly operates under the Enforcement Policy for Remote Ophthalmic Assessment and Monitoring Devices during the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Public Health Emergency issued by the FDA in April 2020.

About RestoringVision: RestoringVision is a global nonprofit dedicated to providing vision programs and glasses delivery for people living in impoverished communities across the globe, and is committed to helping as many people as possible gain clear vision in order to increase productivity, continue working and earning an income, learning, and performing everyday tasks. Since 2003, RestoringVision has helped more than 20 million people in 144 countries through its programs.