Mar-Apr Newsletter – Celebrate Reading Glasses Day with Us!

Dear Partners and Friends,

This is a time of renewed energy and for us at RestoringVision, it’s the perfect moment to launch an exciting new initiative. For the first time ever, RestoringVision together with FGX International is launching Reading Glasses Day on Friday, June 7. This is a commemorative date dedicated to raising awareness about the lack of access to reading glasses in developing countries, and the impact that vision correction through reading glasses has on people’s lives. Whether it’s to read in order to study to become a teacher or a doctor, to be able to see the smile of your child, or to be able to thread a needle in order to work and provide for your family – these are all the beautiful things that reading glasses enable a person to do.

However today, over 500 million people suffer from near vision impairment and its consequences due to a lack of access to reading glasses. They live in impoverished communities where glasses are unavailable and unaffordable. Starting now and concluding on Reading Glasses Day, we will be raising awareness about this problem and need. We encourage you as our partners and supporters to join us in raising awareness and taking action. We’ve created easy and exciting ways for you to get involved and make a difference. See below for more information.

We look forward to celebrating this important day with you, to taking action together and inspiring others to do the same. With clear vision comes significantly better lives. Thank you for being on this exciting and impactful journey with us to restore vision for millions of people in need.

Best regards,

Pelin Munis, Ph.D.
Executive Director, RestoringVision


Brought to you by RestoringVision and FGX International, Reading Glasses Day is an opportunity to focus attention on the importance of and the global need for reading glasses. And most importantly, it is an opportunity to bring individuals, organizations, and communities together to make a difference.


We hope you will #SeeTheOpportunity and join us in celebrating #ReadingGlassesDay.

Click here to read the full newsletter and learn how you can get involved this #ReadingGlassesDay!