Meet RestoringVision’s Vice President of Finance and Accounting and Treasurer: Katrina Posey

Katrina Posey joined RestoringVision in April 2023 to lead finance and accounting. She was appointed Treasurer to the Board of Directors in August 2023 and promoted to Vice President of Finance and Accounting in January 2024. Katrina also serves as a member of the leadership team.  

In her role at RestoringVision, Katrina leads financial strategies and oversight, while supporting the organization to grow rapidly as it focuses on solving the global vision crisis. 

Katrina began her career working for technology startups before gaining valuable experience at one of the leading professional service firms, KPMG. She also previously held several positions of increasing responsibility in finance at The Coca-Cola Company for almost 6 years with the company. 

Katrina comes to RestoringVision with varied experience working in different industries and geographies, as well as with for-profit, non-profit, and client service companies.  Katrina’s strong communication skills have enabled her to lead and achieve success in gathering, organizing, and presenting financial data to both financial and non-financial professionals. 

Katrina has a B.S. degree in Accounting from the University of Maryland College Park and passed the CPA Exam in November of 1999. 

Learn more about Katrina in today’s Staff Q&A! 

Why is RestoringVision’s mission important to you?   

I’ve always been focused on the vision cause, since I grew up with a sibling who was visually impaired.  That said, I never imagined that I’d be able to parlay that into my career by leading finance for an organization that is working to solve the global vision crisis. I’m thrilled to see the videos and hear stories of how our work impacts people around the globe.    

What do you enjoy most about your work at RestoringVision thus far?    

I love knowing that my work will change lives and impact millions of people, even though what I do is ‘behind the scenes.’   

Who inspires you most in life and why?   

My sister inspires me—she was born visually impaired, but was able to begin attending programs in our local public school system at age two. Because she received early intervention, she was mainstreamed through high school. She went on to college and graduated Magna Cum Laude (a total surprise to our parents!). We are vastly different personalities, and thus, she followed her passion for Shakespearean theater, and went on to get her Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) in England. She uses that MFA alongside her husband, when they put on local plays in the area where they now live, but she later went on to get her Masters in Special Education, and is most inspiring, in my opinion, in this role.  She is relatable to those she teaches, and excellent with the kids (and my kids). I’ve always admired how she followed her passion through life and let nothing stop her!

What are you most looking forward to this year in your role at RestoringVision? 

I am super excited about all of the additional funding opportunities that are coming our way, which will enable us to help even more people than originally planned.   

What do you do in your free time when you’re not solving the global vision crisis? 

We are a sports loving family, so besides watching sports at home, we attend games whenever possible both local and out of town. We have lived in some great sports cities including Atlanta and Chicago, and since we moved back to the DC area, it’s been fun going to basketball games at my alma mater, as well as watching the Baltimore Ravens on their home turf.  Our daughter attends college at an SEC school and we make a point to get down there for at least one game every football season.