RestoringVision Seeks Consultant for a Study to Support Replicating Cutting-Edge Programming in Peru

RestoringVision is seeking a data-driven consultant to lead a groundbreaking study expected to help transform the lives of older adults worldwide.

The consultant will have strong experience analyzing government social assistance programs in low and middle income countries – preferably social safety net pensions programs in Latin America and other parts of the Majority World.

This short-term engagement is a unique opportunity to be a part of a project that aims to replicate the success of RestoringVision’s “Para Verte Mejor” program (“To see you better” program), designed to improve presbyopia (near vision) among users of the Solidarity Assistance Program ‘Pensión 65’ in Peru, across Latin America, the Caribbean, and beyond. Through this government program in Peru, older adults aged 65 and above are now able to access vision screenings and eyeglasses, which have been integrated into the existing programming of ‘Pensión 65.

The role you will play as a consultant:You’ll be diving into a realm of innovation, collaboration, and impact. With RestoringVision and our esteemed partners at MSH Perú, you’ll be an integral part of a team that explores countries with similar pension programs and create a path to replicate this cutting edge program model in other countries.

Learn more by clicking the Terms of Reference (in Spanish and English) in the linked PDF here.

Together, we will build a world where everyone who needs glasses has them. This project is made possible through funding from the Vision Catalyst Fund and Livelihood Impact Fund.