Stories of Impact: A Farmer and His Wife Once Shared a Single Pair of Eyeglasses to See Clearly

Oscar and his wife were once so determined to regain their vision that they shared a single pair of glasses in an attempt to collectively see clearly. This one pair of glasses was passed back and forth between them throughout the day and evening for years.

Their shared lack of access to vision services and eyeglasses greatly impacted their ability to work and earn a living for their family. As a farmer, Oscar struggled to clean his bean crops because he could not see. Through RestoringVision’s program in remote villages of Guatemala, the couple each received vision screenings and their own pair of new reading glasses with the right diopter and fit – glasses that they could each call their own.

“Before I received my own eyeglasses, I used my wife’s glasses. But I couldn’t work – and she couldn’t work either, because one pair for both of us didn’t work,” Oscar said. “But now with my pair and her pair, everything is easier. These glasses have changed our lives so much.”

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