Stories of Impact: RestoringVision’s Work Supports SDG#5 Gender Equality

Rosa, a seamstress from Mexico, struggled to make a living as her vision declined and made her work harder and harder each day.

Suffering from presbyopia – an age-related condition that can be corrected immediately with a pair of reading glasses – Rosa was so desperate to get her work as a seamstress done that she felt her only remaining option was to keep her granddaughter home from school to thread the needles.

In this heartbreaking example, we see how gender inequities are oftentimes generational, and arise out of a lack of access to and a lack of affordability of health services that are desperately needed – in Rosa’s case, vision services and a pair of eyeglasses.

With the intervention of RestoringVision’s programs, Rosa received a pair of eyeglasses, restoring not only her vision but her productivity and ability to work as a seamstress to make a wage independently. The impact doesn’t stop there. Rosa’s granddaughter returned to school, continuing her education, and opening a world of possibilities for her own young future.