RestoringVision Engages Two New Brands to Join its Customer Giving Initiative, Further Advancing Private Sector Impact in Solving the Global Vision Crisis

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (October 31, 2023) – RestoringVision is thrilled to announce two new optical brands have committed to engaging their customers at the point of sale to donate and build the movement of vision champions supporting people in need of vision services and eyeglasses worldwide.  MAMAEYEWEAR and OPR Eyewear – two New York City-based […]

20 Years of Clear Vision: An Anniversary Blog Series Celebrating RestoringVision’s Leaders, Partners, and Supporters Featuring Board Chair Kevin Hassey

By Stephanie Godward, Director of Marketing and Communications  RestoringVision’s Board Chair, long-time optical marketing executive Kevin Hassey, is passionate about solving the global vision crisis and is personally energized by the organization’s remarkable ability to scale because of its unparalleled network of 3,000 partners worldwide, including governments and NGOs.  “The problem is clearly huge, and […]

Meet RestoringVision’s Production Manager: Angelique Gordon

Angelique Gordon joined RestoringVision in August 2021 as its Operations Supervisor in Lockbourne, Ohio, where RestoringVision’s distribution center and operations are located. In September of this year, she was promoted to Production Manager.  At the RestoringVision DC, Angelique is responsible for all products coming in and going out of the distribution center. With the DC […]

RestoringVision Highlights the Solution to 81% of the Vision Crisis and the Global Need for Reading Glasses this World Sight Day on Oct. 12

This World Sight Day, RestoringVision is engaging its partners and donors to help millions of people around the world love their eyes by increasing awareness and equitable access to vision screenings and reading glasses, as 826 million people living in extreme poverty are struggling with presbyopia, near vision loss that occurs as a natural part of the aging process.  

20 Years of RestoringVision: How One Man’s Drive Changed 25 Million Lives Worldwide

In just a few days, on October 2, 2023, we celebrate 20 years at RestoringVision. It’s a momentous date in our organization’s history as it signifies 20 years of lives empowered across the globe, 20 years of human potential unlocked through the power of vision screenings and eyeglasses, 20 years of progress towards a world where everyone who needs glasses has them, and 20 years of work towards a more equitable world with clear vision. 

From Our Founder: Reflecting on 20 Years of Impact and Lives Transformed

RestoringVision was founded in 2003 by Mark Sachs, a veteran of marketing in the optical industry. On an optical mission trip, Mark observed that more than 50% of people who visited the optical clinic needed only a pair of reading glasses to correct their vision impairment.  Upon his return to the United States, Mark secured […]

20 Years of Clear Vision: An Anniversary Blog Series Celebrating RestoringVision’s Leaders, Partners, and Supporters Featuring Erwin Cho

By Stephanie Godward, Director of Marketing and Communications, RestoringVision  Erwin Cho joined the RestoringVision Board of Directors in 2016, and his motivation for doing so was inspired by the organization’s Founder, Chair Emeritus, and Advisor, Mark Sachs.  “What inspired me to join the board was Mark Sachs – it comes down to our founder. We […]

Celebrate World Sight Day and Clear Vision for All on October 12

826 million people living in extreme poverty around the world are struggling with presbyopia, blurry vision that occurs as a natural part of the aging process.  Seamstresses, tailors, farmers, and millions more lack the financial means and resources to obtain the reading glasses that would greatly improve their ability to see clearly, work productively, learn, […]

Meet RestoringVision’s Vice President of Global Programs and Impact: Mark Lorey 

Mark Lorey joined RestoringVision in June 2023 as its Vice President, Global Programs and Impact. He leads strategy, planning, execution, and evaluation for the programs and impact of RestoringVision across the world.   Mark began his career with Save the Children in Malawi, followed by time living, studying, and working in South Africa, Zambia, and Uganda. He […]