Thioro Ndoye

Thioro joined RestoringVision in February 2023. Thioro spent the majority of her childhood in Senegal, West Africa. Growing up in Senegal allowed Thioro to understand the needs of developing countries. Thioro developed a passion for helping underserved communities while completing an internship on the risks of vaping. After earning her B.A. in Health Services from […]

Mac Humphries

Mac Humphries joined as Director of Strategic Partnerships of RestoringVision in January 2014. Prior to RestoringVision, Mac worked as an institutional mortgage bond sales manager for Countrywide Financial in Los Angeles and as a salesperson for Paine Webber’s bond desk in New York. Prior to that, he was a sales manager and salesperson for Wang […]

Shaun Starkey

Shaun joined RestoringVision in 2021. Shaun oversees the operational activities required to efficiently and accurately move product through the organization to those in need across the globe. Shaun is an accomplished professional in Operations and leadership for over 18 years. Prior to joining RestoringVision, Shaun was an Operations Manager for Build-A-Bear Workshop Inc. in Columbus, […]

Gerardo Medina Duarte

Gerardo Medina Duarte joined RestoringVision as Manager of Program and Monitoring, Latin America in 2021. Gerardo was raised in a family of opticians. Visual health became part of his life early on, creating a significant understanding of how a pair of eyeglasses can enhance someone’s life. Prior to joining RestoringVision, Gerardo worked as a Social […]

Charlie Cocuzza

Charlie joined RestoringVision in 2016. Charlie spent 15 years of his career working for Union Carbide Corporation, moving back and forth across the United States in various positions that taught him the knowledge he needed to start his own IT business. In 1992, Charlie opened Omega Solutions, an IT and internet company, and has been […]