Advocating to Advance Eye Health on the Global Agenda

As we now come together as a united global community determined to help all people to see clearly no matter their income or location in the world, a momentum is building to include vision and refractive error, an area in which RestoringVision has dedicated 2 decades of work, on to the global agenda.

Meet RestoringVision’s Partner Relations Associate: Joan Hancock

Joan Hancock grew up in Queens, New York, attended Queens College, and had a successful career in cosmetics industry management before joining the RestoringVision team along with her husband, Steve Hancock.  The couple had two boys before moving to Florida. Joan joined RestoringVision to have a positive impact on people in need. What do you enjoy […]

RestoringVision Joins Coalition for Clear Vision Steering Committee

RestoringVision has joined the Coalition for Clear Vision Steering Committee as it continues to lead the charge for solving the global vision crisis. Consistent with RestoringVision’s vision – a world where everyone who needs glasses has them – the Coalition for Clear Vision, its Steering Committee, and its members are determined to ensure that every person on this planet has permanent access to affordable quality eye care services and glasses by the end of 2050.

Meet RestoringVision’s Manager of Program and Monitoring: Thioro Ndoye

Thioro Ndoye joined RestoringVision in February 2023. She spent the majority of her childhood in Senegal, West Africa. Growing up in Senegal allowed Thioro to understand the needs of developing countries. Thioro developed a passion for helping underserved communities while completing an internship on the risks of vaping. After earning her B.A. in Health Services […]