About RestoringVision

Vision impairment is one of the biggest yet least recognized global health problems. One-third of the global population – 2.5 billion people – suffer from vision impairment and its consequences. 1 billion people need only over the counter, non-prescription reading glasses to correct their vision. Of those, over 500 million people live in impoverished communities and lack access to available, affordable reading glasses. The majority live in developing countries, where near vision impairment affects people in their 30s, approximately 10 years earlier than in developed countries, and when they are in their prime working years. In these settings, people need reading glasses to see close-up in order to work, read, perform daily tasks, and take care of their children.

Adding Glasses to your Program or Mission Trip

Reading glasses are a great addition to your primary program or mission. These glasses are easy to dispense and great for students and novice volunteers. You can learn how to dispense reading glasses in only 8 minutes and have a very rewarding experience making a difference in someone’s life. Click here to watch our 8-minute training video.

We are the largest provider of new glasses to the developing world. We have distributed over 15 million glasses to more than 1,400 nonprofit organizations and NGOs serving people in need in 130 countries. We provide new, high-quality glasses at the lowest cost and the highest level of impact and satisfaction.

Absolutely not. If you’ve ever watched people at a drug store in the US, you can see that people can tell for themselves when they have the right power. We have a Dispensing Tips page on our website with useful tools and information on how to dispense reading glasses. In addition, we have a short training video and a dispensing tips manual in both English and Spanish. Overall, dispensing glasses is very easy to do!

Corporate Sponsorship Questions

We offer a variety of corporate sponsorship programs that are adaptable to a company’s budget, structure, business activity, and Corporate Social Responsibility agenda. You can learn more about main programs here.

We offer multiple benefits depending on your sponsorship level. Please click here to review our Corporate Sponsorship Deck for details.

Donor Questions

As the nonprofit organization leading worldwide distribution of glasses to nonprofit organizations and NGOs, RestoringVision’s costs include direct and indirect program costs and G&A.

Your tax-deductible donation helps cover program costs that allow us to maintain program excellence. We regularly conduct the following:

  • Identify, vet, and monitor progress of nonprofit partners ensuring that the glasses are provided to people in need at no cost to them. Secure and track inventory to manage supply and meet demand.
  • Provide regular reports to partners documenting the impact of their donations.
  • Provide training and technical assistance for partners taking glasses to the field.

RestoringVision keeps administrative costs extremely low by investing in nonprofit partnerships to meet goals, securing robust in-kind donations such as warehouse space, glasses, and services, and working with key staff members who telecommute or work in donated spaces across the nation.

To request a copy of our case statement with more information on RestoringVision, please contact admin@restoringvision.org.


Glasses Questions

We receive in-kind donations of new high-quality glasses from manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. These companies may have excess inventory, styles that didn’t sell, or close outs. But the glasses are all new and pass our strict quality control criteria. We also purchase glasses through a philanthropic program with one of our donors.

Yes. Our glasses are new.

Our glasses are high, pharmacy quality.

We offer reading glasses, sunglasses, sun bifocals, and occasionally children’s sunglasses. All sunglasses have UVA/UVB protection. We also have limited quantities of single distance vision glasses (minus glasses) that are available upon request.

We offer +1.00 to +4.00 power readers.

Over 1,400 US based nonprofit organizations and international NGOs including but not limited to global health, relief agencies, faith based, medical (including dental), optical and humanitarian organizations order our glasses. These glasses are easy to dispense and make a great addition to any program.

Yes, we charge a nominal fee that includes sourcing, sorting, and packing. This is a subsidized rate for our nonprofit service delivery partners.

  • Assorted reader packages start at $.50 per pair and specific strength readers cost $.60 per pair with bulk prices at $.50 per pair.
  • Sunglasses, sunbifocals, and children’s sunglasses cost $.50 per pair.
  • Single distance vision glasses cost $.60 per pair.
  • Shipping is additional and shipping discounts are offered for bulk orders.

Our reading glasses are primarily meant for adults, however some older children can benefit from reading glasses as well.

We occasionally have children’s sunglasses; these are available online when they are in stock.

No, we don’t have a catalog, but we do provide glasses in a variety of styles that vary depending on donations. To see what we have available, click here.

Ordering Questions

Our assorted reader packages come with some low, medium and high powers. The quantity per power is based on research and our experience in the field. For mission and outreach trips, a 300 or 500 assorted reader package is usually sufficient. If you will be seeing post-cataract or older patients, you can order more high power glasses. Or if you will be seeing more young adults, you can order more low powers. We also offer supplemental reader packages for those serving primarily older or younger populations.

Sunglasses are vitally important for eye health. Sunglasses provide eye protection from the UV rays of the sun, and blowing dust and smoke. Sunglasses can prevent the early onset of cataracts and macular degeneration, and are beneficial for those who have had cataract surgeries or have glaucoma.

The best way to place your order is through our website. Click here to visit our online shop. If you have a question or need help placing your order, you can contact us by sending a message through our quick contact form at the bottom of our website or send us an email to admin@restoringvision.org.

Small parcel orders are shipped within 3 business days and freight orders are shipped within 5-10 business days depending on the quantity. You should also allow for ample shipping time. Therefore, we recommend that you place your order as soon as possible.

Our experienced team can help you determine how many glasses you will need. If you need such support, please email us at admin@restoringvision.org. Also in general, it is probably better to take more than you think you may need. If you have extras, a nearby clinic or other public health facility will gladly take them. In addition, you can take them back with you for a future mission or outreach trip.

Packaging Questions

The readers are sorted into 20 pair bags by power and sunglasses into 10 pair bags. We also offer boxed glasses (100 units per box) for larger orders of over 4,000 pairs.

A typical carry-on suitcase can hold 400 pairs of glasses and will weigh about 30 pounds. A standard sized suitcase can hold about 50 pounds, which is the highest weight most airlines will allow without charging additional fees.

If you are shipping containers overseas, we can build the pallets according to your specification. The average standard pallet holds 9,900 glasses and weighs 500 – 1200 lbs. Pallets are not stackable.

Payment Questions

You can pay online using our secure payment system. We accept all major credit cards.

Of course. We also accept payment by ACH, wire transfer, quick pay (e.g., Zelle) or check. Send an email to admin@restoringvision.org indicating what you want to order and we’ll get back to you with details. Please keep in mind that the glasses will not be shipped until the payment has been received.

Shipment and Customs Questions

Currently we ship within the US (including Hawaii and Alaska) and Puerto Rico. Will do not ship outside of the US and Puerto Rico, but we can assist you with shipping contacts and other organizations that ship overseas.

We ship small packages through FedEx and larger orders via freight services with C.H. Robinson.

The cost for shipping varies from $0.05 to $0.10 per pair based on the product and quantity. Expedited shipping and shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico are additional.

Typically, our partners do not have issues bringing glasses into customs. Some countries have stricter rules than others, so we encourage you to research the country’s laws before you travel. We will provide you with a letter explaining that the glasses are not for resale and are for donation purposes only. If you need anything else, please let us know.